Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love, Love, Love

Spring is in the air and so is LOVE! I love market--everything is new, fresh, fabulous, and exciting--and full of possibility! I love Hickory Chair. I love Ron Fiore, Hickory Chair's creative director. I love their designer collections (Suzanne Kasler as you all know), but Mariette Himes Gomez' collection is another of my favorites. And Mariette has a line of art with Soicher Marin. I just got to see a few of Mariette's new pieces--I LOVE them! Check out the Carrie Chair! It is so sophisticated, completely befitting of my favorite Sex in the City character--Carrie Bradshaw!

I love the blend of upholstery and's very architectural...the view from the back is as interesting as the front! What a great blend of clean lines and graceful curves. Maybe I'll use this in my sister's new Santa Barbara house! I think we'll put them in the breakfast room with these new Soicher Marin additions:

Gotta get back to Soicher Marin--check back for more about my LOVE of all this fabulous design at market.

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