Friday, April 10, 2009

Cool, Calm, and Reflective

This room is hot! It oozes glamour and sophistication, and I can't be sure if it's traditional or modern, but I like it! It's as if someone started with a layer of the chalkiest white, layered a grayish white over it, and continued layering shades of white and gray strategically, all the way to those stunning platinum curtains and the artwork.
The room does have these gorgeous gold metallics too--the mirror, the sconces, the chandelier, that darling cocktail table, and I love the layered look of those framed intaglios to the left of the mantle.
and there's more gold here too, accenting the room like jewelry, in that darling antique painting and the reliquaries, the golden tones of the gorgeous burled-wood chest, and that column with the sphere on the top.....and then with the chalky whites that lead to the grays.... This artwork is awesome--and has those same silver and gold tones....and there's designer Suzanne Kasler's signature chair--the Alexandra from Hickory Chair--with its quatrefoil shaped back....

and here again is another signature Suzanne Kasler piece, her Quatrefoil floor lamp from Visual Comfort...

By now you should have figured it out--this room is Suzanne Kasler's--it has all the hallmarks of her work--a white backdrop, transitional pieces, a collected was her design for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas Showhouse in 2008, and I loved it before I even knew it was hers! I just found out she has a book coming out this fall with Rizzoli. It's called Inspired Interiors, and like this room, I want it!

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